Florence's House

The client had in his possession an apartment in the center of Florence, Italy, which he wanted to divide into 3 separate apartments so that each one had a kitchen, a living room and between one and two bedrooms. The job was to create different environments for the different apartments and decorate them with a modern and cozy touch. For this, the initial plans were needed, in order to be able to square and carry out an analysis of the structure and the load-bearing walls. After that, the separations of each of the apartments were created in architectural plans, before proceeding to the realization of the renderings in case the first ones are not to the client's liking.

The studio is located in Guadalajara, Mexico, which together with ARGDL and 5DLAB make up the work space, where the same projects are worked hand in hand, each with a distinguished function. Thank you very much to Iván, Óscar, Jorge, Saúl and Lalo for all the effort put into the project.