Brand Identity

Madrid is a city vibrant with color, culture, and delicious food. This project aimed to create a new brand for Madrid that captured its essence and multiculturalism. To achieve this, the project began by investigating the city's identifying elements, such as its modern skyscrapers, the emblematic neighborhood of Chueca, and the iconic palatial architecture in the center of the city. These different elements were then incorporated into the design process, resulting in a modular logo that is both symmetrical and elegant. In total, 9 different grids or logos were created, each designed in a simple and minimalist way.

To promote the new brand, an advertising campaign was proposed that featured the dynamic and versatile logo. Different versions of the logo were used on posters and other types of merchandising. Two advertising campaigns were carried out, one for an Art Exhibition in Matadero and another for the identity of the city. The latter campaign combined the logo with the typography "Playfair Display" for all of the poster texts.

Overall, this project successfully captured the essence of Madrid's vibrant and diverse culture through a modular and symmetrical logo. The advertising campaign was an effective way to promote the new brand and demonstrate its versatility.