Orden de Malta
Product Design

Through this application you will be informed of all the news of the Order of Malta Spain, knowing the activity of each regional delegation throughout all the assistance programs. You will also receive notifications about the different events organized by the Order of Malta.

From the application you can access the Gospel of the day, as well as different publications (spirituality notebooks, Hospitallers gazette, newsletters, etc.) People who need it can also request access to the different emergency services through the application: food (soup kitchens and solidarity pantries), clothing and hygiene (clothing closets, showers, laundry and hairdressing services), basic assistance in the health and legal fields, etc.

The application has a QR identification code for user identification, accrediting its relationship with the Order of Malta Spain in a safe and agile way, which allows access to appointments, services and calls.

It includes various contact forms for beneficiaries of the activities as well as for members, volunteers, donors, and supporters of the Order of Malta in Spain, as well as access to the secure donation platform.