Product Design

Panim intends to support the mental and physical state of the growing numbers of pensioners in society. According to the National Academies of Sciences, 25% of the elderly feel socially isolated. This brings significant health risks to the elderly, costing insurance companies billions of dollars annually.

By early 2023 we will be testing our MPV with around 300 elderly Israelis. The aim is to encourage them to share their life experiences with our interactive AI for their benefit and for the knowledge of future generations. In parallel, this will generate health data and serve as a basis for continuous learning, potentially even leading to early intervention.

Thus, Panim will be tackling the growing issue of social isolation and helping to prevent medical issues.

Project currently in the Birdhouse accelerator program. Thanks to Raphael Rubens, Uri Cohen, Nir Halm and Noam Blitz for trusting me.